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This year's Procede Software Conference in San Diego, California for the end-users of the Excede Dealer Management System, brought in key staff and officials from dealerships and service companies all over the United States and Canada.  Dynamic Excellence in Information was a Silver Sponsor for this year's gathering.  The conference was held May 15 - May 17 at the Gaslamp Westin Hotel and Conference Center in downtown San Diego.

Procede Software Corporation provides the most robust and comprehensive software suite of products for operating and managing Truck and Car Dealerships, as well as companies selling and maintaining other heavy vehicular equipment and service companies tied to that equipment.  Dynamic Excellence was on display at the conference, showing its robust Docuphase and PSIGEN Software integrations with the Excede DMS.

The Procede Software users were able to see the fully automated document scanning options in the Docuphase system, whereby with embedded barcode adjustment to the Excede documents, Docuphase could scan, categorize and archive all of their Excede documentation with as many index fields as the end-user desired, and not perform any manual data entry in doing so.  Excede administrators also learned about the options for auto-archiving documents posted in the Excede repository into the Docuphase system.  There were even demonstations of Electronic Forms, Advanced Document Controls and Automated Document Workflow solutions, like automatied Invoice Processing and HR Onboarding.   Excede end-users began writing up their 'wish-lists' about what added automation and cost-saving procedures could now be enabled using the Docuphase software, synchronized and fully-integrated with the Procede Software Suite.




October 16, 2015:   Square-9 Softworks releases SmartSearch version 4.3.1.   

Square-9 Software released version 4.3.1 at this year's "Encompass" conference in Clearwater, Florida.  Version 4.3.1 boasts the new advanced workflow suite 'Global Action', some new capture technology, and a strong expansion of its ECM toolset via the Global Search web portal for all of its current and future customers.  This new version of the SmartSearch ECM system was well received, with a lot of new information about what is coming in other new versions soon to be released.  If you are on an older version of SmartSearch, anything prior to version 4.1, please give your DEI representative a call for arranging your upgrade to the current version.


 Docuphase Logo

November 4, 2015:   iDatix re-releases their updated ECM suite, DOCUPHASE 6.0

iDatix Corp., makers of the award-winning iSynergy Document Management Suite has rebranded the product line under the new name "Docuphase."  Docuphase just released both the new version 6.0 and a highly anticipated new customer price schedule.  Both the new software release and pricing schedule are designed to offer customers far more bang-for-the-buck, greater integration features, and the all-new HTML 5.5 web interface that will release as Docuphase 6.1 sometime around May 1st, 2016.  The new HTML 5.5 update will allow all browser versions, new and old, to work with the Docuphase all-web-architecture with a new control set that no longer relies upon Active-X controls.   If you have not seen the new Docuphase 6.0 in action, please give us a call for a system demonstration.


 Aerospace graphic

February 2, 2016:    Dynamic Excellence completes ECM deployment in Abu-Dhabi, UAE  for an Aerospace joint venture with the Allied Air Forces in the Middle East. 

Dynamic Excellence recently deployed, customized and trained users on their new ECM system in the Middle East.  This system will serve the aerospace company as a data management system, managing and monitoring all documentation, files and other information resources, such as CAD projects, and parts manuals, for servicing and maintaining Air Force fleet aircraft on missions in Middle East.   DEI presented the SmartSearch EDMS system as the critical solutions piece for their puzzle, and after several competing product reviews and testing periods, were awarded the project.   Due to NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and Rules of Security being signed off on for confidentiality and security standards, no further details on this DEI implementation can be given at this time.  It is enough to say, it was an honor and a skillful endeavor from all parties involved to make this project a success on the other side of the world.


 Mack Trucking

March 14, 2016:  Dynamic Excellence integrates Docuphase 6.0 with Procede Software's 'Excede' Truck Dealership Management Software for expanded operations at Performance Truck Inc. in Cleveland, Texas.

After about 9 months of product demonstrations, integration trials and working closely with the administration staff and management officials at Performance Companies, headquartered in Cleveland, Texas, DEI completed the implementation of a new Docuphase 6.0 system for expanding the abilities and reach of the already-potent Procede Excede Truck Dealership Management System.

Performance Truck is a very successful, multi-site dealership for heavy Truck Sales, Service and Parts replenishment.   Their upper management, seeing the need to both acquire and attach good content management to their main software application, Procede Software's Excede DMS, for getting a handle on information coming into their business from external sources, called upon DEI to compete in a product evaluation to find the right solution.

Today, Docuphase has attached high-powered, web-based, robust document management to the Procede system with advanced document scanning, data sharing between applications, and a seamless, no-programming search of external documentation from inside the Excede DMS.  Docuphase engineers also assisted DEI staff with integrating behind the scenes SQL-2-SQL functionality with Excede, and has recently deployed business process automation using E-Forms and Automated Workflow to begin elimination of a lot of old paper-based tasks and time-consuming executions.  A main goal of Performance Truck is a significant cost reduction of wasted revenues handling paper, document logistics and office labor.  That is one of the promises DEI has made this customer and will keep on working with Performance Truck to assure the increase in revenue savings is attained

"It was a great platform for integrating synergistic functions between users of the Procede Software and Docuphase..." said DEI company CEO, Terry Abrams, "the Excede software is designed very cleanly and with nice, tight organization of its data, and Docuphase's 'Data Exchange' technology, along with its 'iLink' integration tools made it easy to access, and share data functions, without impacting performance of either application."  Abrams also noted that without a lot of generous help from Performance Truck's management officials and IT staff, and the success-driven model at iDatix, the Docuphase product manufacturer, the project could have easily been much more difficult than it actually was.  Performance Truck is now leading the way and offering referral viewing of their overall combined systems, to other Truck Dealership chains and service centers across the country, for those interested in being both paperless, automated, and optimized in running their Truck Dealership operations.  For Docuphase, you can call your DEI representative, and Procede's Excede DMS software can be found here:    http://www.procedesoftware.com/


 Square-9 Encompass logo

Square-9 Software Announces their October 11-13 Annual Conference in Clearwater, Florida.

Ready to re-certify on your SmartSearch Administration credentials?  Eager to view what's coming in future releases of SmartSearch?  Maybe its just time to relax in Florida again!  Square-9's Annual "Encompass" Conference is being held October 11th through the 13th at the Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  For a great uplift in office technology and Enterprise Content Management, be sure to register.  New prospective clients or current customers are invited to attend.  You can register here:   http://www.encompassconference.com/ 


 Refinery-based company

April 2, 2016:  Through a highly competitive federal procurement company award process, Dynamic Excellence in Information has deployed business automation and a document control system for a Refinery-Based Company. 

This particular refinery-based company works in both Oil refinement and Chemical refinery operations.  DEI was faced with the challenge of coming up with a unique solution to alleviate all document archiving, searchability, and ergonomic workflow improvements for a refinery-based company.   The solution also had to be integration-friendly with both SAP and Oracle/IBM ERM software applications, and it had to enable a long measure of compliance standards on data and documentation, to ease the client's frustrations with the ever-increasing EPA and other federal regulation increases.

An advanced capture product (PSI-Capture from PSIGEN) and a top-rated ECM/DMS system from Dynamic Excellence were selected to be the long-term partners of choice.  DEI enabled advanced document management tools that could non-programmatically connect to both an SAP and Oracle ERM system, and document-enable any screen those SAP or Oracle users worked in the most.  With just a single hot-key click, all users could retrieve documents for viewing, right out of their ERM systems, without even having the need to go through document management system training.  Documents could also be scanned using the same hot-key functionality in a quick 2-click process.

Other significant requirements achieved were advanced database searching and linkages between documents from across departments from all over the refinery sites, web-scanning and secured access to documents remotely from laptop, PC, tablet, phone or other remote device, and content searching of all documents, even processed CAD design files so that engineers could find any document they need, by just searching on the most minute detail.

"This refinery location itself was operating 4 large multi-function peripherals that cost this company about $12,800.00 per month in lease, support and consumable supplies on a never-ending business lease too,..."  noted Jeff Morton, a DEI project director, "We let them finance out our entire solution for just $4,170.00 per month on a limited term, and left just one of those old copier-printer-scanner MFP's in place.  So from day 1, they were about $4,900.00 more profitable, per month, just by buying our system and getting rid of 3 of those needless MFP devices."  

As DEI representatives often point out, 'Getting much more efficient and automated with your office operations is critical to your success, but reaping the increased profitability from going paperless and automated is the bigger target we never lose track of.'  Projections for this refinery site has an annual savings of over $2 million dollars per year, in wasted operational expenses, should be recovered annually by year 2 and for every year after.

The Facilities Manager, also in charge of plant and refinery maintenance, issued the challenge of compliance and inspection reporting.  "We can't keep this dragging report paperwork for maintenance tickets and service calls on our backs.  The time, expense and frustrations keep my department always weeks behind where we should be, perhaps farther behind."  With the new ECM system, DEI designed a series of Electronic Web Forms that refinery personnel could take on mobile devices around the plant and refinery.  Instead of filling out lengthy paper forms and submitting them for difficult reviews, for what maintenance services were needed around the refinery plant, inspectors now fill out the tablet-based electronic forms with a stylus, and as they return to their plant offices, the forms automatically upload into their new ECM system, and auto-route to the supervisors who need to examine them.  With business rules applied to the forms in simple JAVA expressions, about 80% of the forms just archive and route to no one, because the system knows those forms indicate no service is needed in that plant sector or on that device or major component.  Only forms filled out by inspectors, that actually indicate a service issue, will be routed to the proper supervisor, who then issues the appropriate service ticket.    "Our maintenance forms alone, save us such a huge amount of headache and time," the assistant plant manager cited, "that we can now reduce a lot of hours both in the office and on the plant grounds, to go and do other, much more productive things...  That we can now, just grab one of our field tablets, fill out the appropriate form, hit 'submit' and forget about it, that is true gold!"

The Procurement Company who contracted DEI for this refinery installation, is now looking at their other clients for implementing similar solutions at those enterprise's main hub of operations.